The MobyMax Partners Program will be ending on July 15, 2017, at which point you’ll no longer be able to access the Partner Button.

At this time, we are no longer accepting new claims, but any earnings from schools currently claimed will be honored. Make sure to enter your PayPal information before July 15, 2017 by clicking the “PayPal” link within the "Partners" button!

Here are the official rules pertaining to the MobyMax Partners Program:

A school is considered eligible if it does not have a current license or is not claimed by another teacher. Eligible schools are limited to schools within your state.

You are paid for every teacher and school license for a school you have claimed if (a) the claim period has not expired, (b) the school has placed a purchase order for a license during the claim period, and (c) at least one new teacher has registered after you claimed the school within 15 days.

A school or teacher license is deemed purchased when either a purchase order is placed or when a license is purchased by a credit card.

  • You earn $100 for each school licensed purchased during the claim period.
  • Your earn $10 for each teacher licensed purchased during the claim period.
  • You can only claim a school for 60 days.
  • You can only claim a school once.
  • You can not reclaim a school where a teacher did not register within the 15 day period.
  • You cannot claim your own school.
  • You can claim only 10 schools at any one time.
  • You will be paid when the school check is received or when the purchase is made by credit card.
  • You will be paid only if you have submitted a W9 form and your PayPal account information.
  • Payments are made at the end of each month.

MobyMax reserves the right to modify the terms without consideration for schools claimed prior to the modification including but not limited to ending this partnership program.