MobyMax is free for an unlimited number of students! You can also access additional MobyMax features like progress monitoring, placement tests, classroom tools, and student motivation by purchasing a Personalized Learning license.  Individual teacher licenses allow 200 students per teacher. A school or district license allows an unlimited number of students per teacher for all brick and mortar schools.

Pinpoint Assessments and Interactive Classroom are additional product offerings that are separate from Personalized Learning.

  • Pinpoint Assessments includes two assessment options: Skill Checker and Benchmarker. To learn more about Pinpoint Assessments, click here.
  • Interactive Classroom includes a trio of modules to allow teachers and schools better customize how they use MobyMax in their classrooms. To learn more about Interactive Classroom, click here.¬†

You can view license pricing for all of our products by visiting

Special discounts are available for district-wide purchases, and we can prorate licenses for eight months or less.