MobyMax's Vocabulary module is unique in that it uses a word list derived from Andrew Biemiller's Closing the Vocabulary Gap. This list includes a wide range of words, from easy sight words for first-graders to challenging words for seventh and eighth-graders. Despite this broad range, Moby Vocabulary is designed to be appropriate for all levels of vocabulary learners. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, MobyMax's Vocabulary module can help you improve your vocabulary skills and expand your word knowledge.

The lower-level words (grade levels 1-4) in our Vocabulary module are based on published research that identifies frequently used words and the words that are essential for students to become proficient readers and writers at each grade level.

As there is no separate grade level for Kindergarten while using Vocabulary in MobyMax, we have included some simpler words in the first-grade level to cater to the vocabulary learning needs of early learners.

The upper-level words (grade levels 5-7) for Vocabulary are selected from common vocabulary lists, SAT vocabulary, and research. These words are chosen with the aim of developing a wide vocabulary for older students, rather than focusing on the frequency of use.

As students progress to grade 7 in the Vocabulary module, they will come across more difficult words. These words are designed to challenge students who are practicing words in seventh grade, as well as those who are in eighth grade and beyond.