Students earn Sweepstakes tickets for answering 30 questions correctly in any Moby module. Once a student earns a ticket, he or she can click the Sweepstakes button for a chance to win prizes.

To play, students flip over cards at the top of the screen and try and match the numbers on the tickets below.  Students can play up to six tickets at a time to increase their odds of winning.

Depending on how many numbers students match, they can win game time, a new Moby game, or an actual prize. If students win a prize, they'll select both a prize for themselves and a set of prizes (up to 30) for their classmates. Once a student chooses prizes, the next time the teacher signs in, they will be asked to confirm his or her shipping address. If the teacher closes this window, he or she will not receive prizes.

The odds of winning a prize (game time, a game, or physical prizes) are 1/10,000.