MobyMax provides auto-provisioning and single sign-on integration for districts who use Schoology. 

The first thing that Schoology administrators should do is install the MobyMax app. Once the admin has successfully installed the MobyMax app, they can begin creating groups to establish a link between teachers and students. Schoology has a couple of terrific articles on installing apps from the App Center and creating groups.

Signing In to MobyMax via Schoology

Once groups have been created and MobyMax has been installed, teachers and students can start signing in to MobyMax through Schoology!  Users should first sign in to Schoology and click the “Accept” button in their user notifications. Student accounts will not link to teachers in MobyMax until students have clicked the “Accept” button in Schoology. 

Next, Simply click the “MobyMax” link in Schoology to sign in. If you have an existing MobyMax teacher account, and the email address matches your email in Schoology, you’ll be signed in to your existing MobyMax teacher account. If you are new to MobyMax, you’ll be prompted to select your school. 

If your students already exist in Moby, make sure that their student ID number from Schoology matches their student ID in Moby to ensure that the accounts match. If your students don’t have MobyMax accounts yet, new accounts will be created when they sign in to MobyMax through Schoology.