Moby Science utilizes MobyMax's Touch Curriculum™ technology to its fullest potential, allowing students to interact with the curriculum and increase both engagement and retention. They can build molecular models, label parts of the skeletal system, create charts, and much more.

Formative assessment is a crucial aspect of all MobyMax subjects, and Moby Science is no exception. To maximize learning, both students and teachers need to be able to diagnose mastery quickly and accurately. In Moby Science, the formative assessment process is constant and seamless. As students progress through each lesson, they work through cognitive skill manipulatives that allow them to continually assess their understanding and receive immediate feedback. At the end of each lesson, there is a short quiz section that assesses all key points in the lesson and provides students and teachers with a quick snapshot of mastery.

As the first Touch Curriculum™ subject in MobyMax, cognitive skill manipulatives are central to Moby Science. These manipulatives are rigorous, interactive problem types that use over 35 different cognitive skills to encourage students to explore, discover, and think through concepts independently. Instead of memorizing and regurgitating facts, cognitive skill manipulatives challenge students to develop critical thinking skills, become better problem solvers, and gain a deeper understanding of science content. In short, cognitive skill manipulatives make learning fun again!