Session length: Session length is the amount of time a student spends working in a module before they are notified that the session is complete. Students can always start a new session if they would like.

Time required to correctly answer to be considered fluent: This setting appears under Early Words and Early Stories and is the amount of time in which a student must answer a question to be considered "fluent." Fluency determines whether or not a student will continue to receive the word on a daily basis.

Number of times a student practices a word fluently/Maximum number of times a story is read: This setting only appears in independent mode. Students practice words daily until they reach the number designated by the teacher. At this point, the word is considered mastered and will no longer appear in practice.

Number of words/stories students should practice/read/write: This setting only affects student monthly goals as seen on the student dashboard report. To calculate the monthly goal, Moby takes the number in this field and multiplies it by ten.