The MobyMax Sight Words modules are based on fluency and practice drills. Students will receive a designated amount of words to practice each day that they use Sight Words. In order to progress, students will have to identify a word correctly on two different days to get 100% on the word and answer correctly within the allotted fluency time. When they answer fluently and correctly on the first try, they get 50% on the word. On the next day, if they get it right again, this will change to 100%, and then the word is considered known. If after the first try they get it wrong, it goes down to 0% and they have to work on the word for another two days.

In the early stages, when there are many words to cover, students do get to complete the amount of assigned time that has been applied in your settings. As students start nearing the end of the words for their grade level the list of words being practiced will shorten and the session will end once students have completed their words for the day.

Once students have achieved a 100% on all words for their grade level, they will automatically move to the next grade level. Once they start the new grade level, there are many more words to master, and they will again be able to complete the assigned time for the module.