MobyMax offers a wide variety of subjects and modules that cover material across grade levels K-8. Below you will find a list of our subjects and the grade levels that are supported for each:


Mathematics - Math includes curriculum for grades K-8.

Fact Fluency - Fact Fluency’s adaptive instruction enables students to develop math fact fluency quickly. Fact Fluency is appropriate for any student who wants to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts 1-15.

Numbers - Numbers will start with basic number identification but escalates quickly to multi-number addition and subtraction. We recommend it for grades 1-5, but older students maybe find the upper levels challenging and enjoyable as well.

Language Arts

Language - Language includes curriculum for grades K-8.

Vocabulary - Vocabulary is based on a Find-Learn-Practice-Review cycle that ensures students both learn new words quickly and retain vocabulary knowledge for a lifetime. It is appropriate for any student who wants to expand their vocabulary and has 7 levels of difficulty. The highest level even includes high school words.

Spelling Lists - With access to thousands of words, students of all ages will love how quickly they become expert spellers using the Spelling Lists module!

Reading Level Assessment - Reading Level Assessment allows you to assess your student's reading skills and comprehension for grades K-8.


Foundational Reading - Foundational Reading focuses on key skills such as phonological and phonemic awareness, decoding, segmenting, blending, syllabication, and more and is recommended for grades K-5.

Paired Reading Stories - Pairs literature and informational texts with similar topics to encourage deep reading and facilitate learning. Each grade from K-8 has 30 lessons, and each lesson has at least one literature and two informational texts.

Reading Skills Literature - Students are introduced to grade-level reading skills from grades K-8.

Reading Skills Informational - Students are introduced to grade-level reading skills from grades K-8.


Science - Science uses thousands of cognitive skill manipulatives to teach students to be better problem solvers, critical thinkers, and creative geniuses from grades 1-8.

Social Studies

Social Studies - Social Studies is built using Moby’s revolutionary cognitive skill manipulatives that allow students to explore, discover, and think through concepts on their own from grades 1-8.


Writing Workshop - Writing Workshop has scaffolded writing tasks that guide students through each step of the writing process and is recommended for grade levels 3-8.

Writing Assignments - This is customizable by the teacher for all grade levels. Writing Assignments is a complete submission-revision-grading system where you can create, edit, and grade assignments using either pre-made Common Core rubrics or your own. 

Early Reading

Alphabet Letters - With Alphabet Letters, students will recognize letters in any order of context using pictures, words, and sounds. It is highly recommended for developing readers.

Alphabet Sounds - Alphabet Sounds focuses on the primary sound that each alphabet letter makes and helps students match the sound to the appropriate letter.

Early Reading Trio - Early Reading Trio is made of three powerful modules that work together to reinforce early reading skills and are essential for helping your beginning readers become proficient readers quickly.

Sight Words (Dolch and Fry) - With Sight Words, students improve their recognition of high-frequency words and become faster, more fluent readers. Dolch Sight Words covers four different difficulty levels of words, while Fry Sight Words covers six different difficulty levels of words. Sight Words would be appropriate for any student who wants to grow in reading skills.


Phonics and Spelling Rules - Phonics is a comprehensive phonics course that covers everything from the alphabet to Latin and Greek roots.

Phonics Blending - Phonics Blending takes the skills students learn in Alphabet Sounds to the next level! Students learn how to blend phonemes together to create words at three different difficulty levels.

Phonics Spelling - Students as young as three will love practicing spelling right in Moby! This is a great way for students to build on their understanding of phonics rules, practice and review skills, and spelling patterns.