The Phonics and Spelling Rules module of MobyMax focuses on crucial skills such as phonemic and phonological awareness, decoding, blending, segmenting, syllabication, spelling patterns, and more. Proficiency in these skills is essential for building a strong foundation for future reading success.

Like other subjects in MobyMax, the Phonics and Spelling Rules module uses advanced adaptive learning algorithms to assess a student's mastery of various skills and identify areas that require additional practice. This personalized approach ensures that students receive targeted practice when they need it most.

At the beginning of each practice session, MobyMax presents an animated Teach Me lesson to introduce and explain the specific skill being covered. This is followed by interactive manipulatives that use MobyMax's Touch Curriculum technology, which presents engaging problems to keep students focused and engaged.

Like all MobyMax subjects, progress in Phonics and Spelling Rules is continually updated during practice and review, providing immediate insight into which skills students need to reinforce. With MobyMax's progress monitoring, teachers can easily track and evaluate student growth over a specific time frame, monitor overall class proficiency, and generate progress reports.