Alphabet Sounds uses powerful adaptive learning algorithms to measure which letters a student has mastered and which letters need more practice.

Phonics and Spelling Rules is a comprehensive phonics course that covers everything from the alphabet to Latin and Greek roots using animated Teach Me lessons, interactive manipulatives and adaptive practice sets.

Phonics Blending takes the skills students learn in Alphabet Sounds to the next level!  Students learn how to blend phonemes together to create words at three different difficulty levels and work on key phonics skills, such as phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondence, grapheme-sound correspondence, blending, segmenting, and spelling patterns.

Phonics Spelling is a great way for students to build on their understanding of phonics rules, practice and review skills, and recognize spelling patterns.  Moby's word list has been curated to cover every major spelling convention and phonics rule in a step-by-step process.