Our Reading Level assessments and Paired Reading Stories modules adapt to student performance in some very unique ways. We've outlined exactly how these modules adapt to students, so you'll have a full understanding of how they both work.

Reading Level assessments
  • In the "Reading Level" assessment, the student will be presented with a grade-level story and 5 questions. If the student answers 4-5 questions correctly, they will move on to the next “semester” of that grade level and complete another story set. If the student answers 2-3 questions correctly, the assessment will stop, and the student will be given a grade level score (for example, a student taking a grade five test who answers two questions correctly in the first “semester” will get a grade level score of 5.2). If the student answers 0-1 questions correctly, the assessment will bump down to the next lowest grade level or stop at 0.0 (Grade K).
  • Reading Level is a standalone module and will not determine the starting point for a student for any of the other reading modules.
  • Automatic grade level assignment will be determined based on the grade level set by the Teacher in the roster, or a previous Reading Assessment level.

Paired Reading Stories
  • A great way to get your students started is with Paired Reading Stories, and you can always change a student's grade level in the module. Paired Reading Stories is designed to evaluate a student's overall reading comprehension. Students read grade-level fiction and nonfiction texts and answer questions that cover all grade-level standards. The module uses an adaptive curriculum and assigns a grade range for your student's reading level. There is a Reading Level Comparison Chart in Paired Reading Stories which allows you to compare their grade range level to Fountas & Pinnell, Lexile, Recovery, and DRA levels. 
  • When a student first starts in Paired Reading Stories, he or she will be given a passage and question set based on their Paired Reading Stories settings or based on their grade level in your Roster. You can always change a student's grade level in the module even after they begin working.
  • If the student passes the question set at 60% or higher, the student will continue to work on stories on their grade level or move up as needed. If the student scores below 60%, he or she will be bumped down a grade level until (a) he or she passes a question set at 60%, or (b) he or she reaches Kindergarten.