MobyMax has implemented some highly unique ways in which our Reading Level Assessments and Paired Reading Stories modules adapt to students' performance. We want to make sure that teachers have a comprehensive understanding of how both of these modules function.

Reading Level Assessments

During the Reading Level Assessment, the student is presented with a story at their grade level, along with five questions. Based on their performance, if the student answers four to five questions correctly, they move on to the next "semester" of their current grade level and complete another set of stories. However, if the student answers only two to three questions correctly, the assessment stops, and they are given a grade level score (for instance, a student taking a grade five test who answers two questions correctly in the first "semester" would receive a grade level score of 5.2). In the case where the student answers no questions correctly or answers only one question correctly, the assessment either moves down to the next lowest grade level or stops at 0.0 (Grade K).

Reading Level Assessments are stand-alone assessments and do not determine a student's starting point for any of the other reading modules. The automatic assignment of a grade level is based on either the grade level set by the teacher in the roster when starting out, adjusting the grade level in student settings to begin at a specified grade level, or a previous Reading Level Assessment result.

Paired Reading Stories

Paired Reading Stories is an excellent starting point for your students, and you can easily update a student's grade level within the module. Its primary goal is to assess a student's overall reading comprehension by providing them with grade-level fiction and non-fiction texts, followed by questions that cover all the relevant grade-level standards. The module uses an adaptive curriculum and assigns a grade range that corresponds to the student's reading level. In addition, Paired Reading Stories features a Reading Level Comparison Chart that lets you compare your student's grade range level to Fountas & Pinnell, Lexile, Recovery, and DRA levels.

As a student starts using Paired Reading Stories, they will receive a passage and question set that corresponds to their grade level in your Roster or their Paired Reading Stories settings. However, it's worth noting that you can update a student's grade level within the module even after they begin working. Provided that the student scores at least 60% on the question set, they will continue to work on stories that match their grade level, or they may progress to a higher grade level as appropriate. However, if the student scores below 60%, they will be demoted to a lower grade level until they meet one of the following conditions: (a) they pass a question set at 60%, or (b) they reach the Kindergarten level.