MobyMax Assessments are customizable grade level, standard, and skill tests. You can use these assessments to test students' mastery of specific concepts periodically throughout the year.

MobyMax Assessments are different from placement tests. Placement tests are adaptive, formative assessments intended to identify a student's skill gaps. Because placement tests are adaptive, it's unlikely a student will take the same test twice, and the questions answered are not visible to teachers. Assessments, alternatively, are non-adaptive tests that teachers can tailor to particular grades, standards, or skills. Because they focus on less material, assessments tend to be shorter in length. Both placement tests and assessments can be assigned throughout the year at any time if the teacher has a MobyMax Pro license, and both will affect progress monitoring data.

To assign a new assessment, simply complete the following steps:

  1. After signing in, click the subject area button, (e.g., "Math," "Language," etc.)
  2. Click "Assessments."
  3. Check the box(es) next to the student(s) to whom you would like to assign assessments.
  4. Click the "Assign New Test" button.
  5. Choose a test type.
  6. Select the grade level, standards, or skills.
  7. Name the test, if you wish.
  8. Click the "Assign" button.

Students can access their assessments by signing into their account, clicking the book tab, and selecting the "Tests" button.