Short Answer questions require students to provide a written response to a question based on a reading skill they have learned. If you have Short Answer enabled in your settings, your students will automatically see free response questions like this:

"Write a short passage in a third-person point of view about two people who see each other again for the first time after a long separation."

MobyMax does not automatically grade Short Answer responses, and the score for these questions will not be included in a student's overall progress monitoring score. To grade Short Answer responses:

  1. After signing into your teacher account, click the subject category from the left sidebar.
  2. Click the "Science" button, "Social Studies" button, "Reading Skills (Literature or Informational)" button, or the "Writing Workshop" button.
  3. Click the "Short Answer" tab.
  4. Click the number listed under "All Problems Not Graded." 
  5. Drag the markups onto the response and leave comments (if desired).
  6. Enter a score in the "Assign Score" box. Your grades and markups will automatically be saved.