MobyMax read-aloud sound is turned on by default. MobyMax has read-aloud sound in the following areas:

  • Math: All levels
  • Fact Fluency: All levels
  • Language: All levels
  • Vocabulary: All levels
  • Early Reading Trio: All levels
  • Reading Stories: Stories and questions for grades K-5, only questions for grades 6-8
  • Reading Skills Literature/Informational: Only questions for all levels
  • Writing Workshop: All levels are read except for essay sections
  • Science: All levels
  • Social Studies: All levels
  • Test Prep: Questions at all levels. Passages in Test Prep Reading Skills do not have read-aloud sound.
  • Spelling List: Words and sentences, if applicable. No read aloud on custom lists.
  • Phonics and Spelling Rules: Sentences and words
  • Alphabet: Letters
  • Alphabet Sounds: Letter sounds
  • Phonics Spelling: All levels
  • Phonics Blending: All levels
  • Numbers: Upper levels have animated Teach Me lessons with read-aloud
  • Sight Words: Word the student is searching for is read aloud.

Reading Level Assessment does not have read-aloud sound. This module is intended to assess the student's independent reading level, and that means assessing their ability to read the passages without assistance. 

Students can always have the quiz questions and answers read to them by clicking the sound icon. You can turn off read-aloud sound for all students by clicking your "Roster" page and then clicking the link titled "Bulk update settings". You'll be able to click a radio button to turn the sound off (or on) for all kiddos on the next page. You can also click a student's individual settings wheel on the "Roster" page to turn sound off for one student at a time.