MobyMax's Differentiated Learning program provides adaptive, personalized learning across all K-8 subjects, and our platform is able to roster students as young as Kindergarten. While Moby is primarily geared towards Kindergarten and above, we do offer some modules that can benefit Pre-K students by helping them establish a strong foundation in Math and Language Arts.

Numbers: MobyMax's Number Sense is designed to help students build a strong foundation in math skills. Number Sense is divided into six modules that introduce students to essential concepts such as number manipulation, place value, and basic arithmetic.

As students progress through the remaining modules, they will continue to build on their understanding of numbers and mathematical concepts. By the time they complete the final module, students will have a strong foundation in math that will prepare them for more advanced topics.

Alphabet Letters and Alphabet SoundsMobyMax's "Alphabet Letters" and "Alphabet Sounds" modules are designed to give students a solid foundation in reading mastery. In "Alphabet Letters," students learn to recognize and identify both uppercase and lowercase letters of the English alphabet. On the other hand, "Alphabet Sounds" focuses on teaching students the specific sounds that each letter makes. After watching animated Teach Me lessons that introduce the sounds, students will then match the sounds to the corresponding letters in interactive games and exercises. These modules are a great way to build strong foundational skills for young readers.

Early Reading Trio: The Early Reading Trio module initiates students into reading through a sequential process that commences with constructing words utilizing letters and sounds, followed by reading stories composed from the created words, and culminates in the writing and illustration of original stories with the same words. Each step of this process involves students' visual, auditory, and interactive engagement with letters and words, thereby enabling them to gain ample practice and enhance their reading and phonics proficiency.

Phonics and Spelling Rules: MobyMax's Phonics and Spelling Rules module emphasize critical abilities, including but not limited to phonological and phonemic awareness, decoding, segmenting, blending, syllabication, spelling patterns, and other related skills. Proficiency in these abilities establishes a strong foundation for future reading success, allowing students to build on their knowledge and achieve greater success in their academic pursuits.