Differentiated Learning finds and fixes learning gaps with adaptive, personalized learning in all K-8 subjects and the lowest grade students can be rostered at in MobyMax is Kindergarten. A few of our modules could be useful for Pre-K scholars to build a solid foundation in Math and Language Arts. 

Numbers: Number Sense has six modules. Numbers Part 1 uses number manipulatives to give the student an intuitive understanding of composing and decomposing numbers. Numbers Part 2 introduces place value. Easy Add & Subtract uses the abacus to teach not only number sense but also adding and subtracting. By the time a student finishes the fifth module and completely masters the abacus, the student will have a deep intuitive sense of numbers.

Alphabet Letters/Alphabet Sounds: Moby "Alphabet Letters" gives your students a head start on the path towards reading mastery by teaching letter-name recognition for each uppercase and lowercase letter in the English alphabet. The "Alphabet Sounds" module is similar to our "Alphabet Letters" module, but instead of learning the specific letter, the students will work on specific letter sounds. Students will be taught what sound a letter makes then they will match the sound to the correct letter. Students watch short animated Teach Me lessons to learn the primary sound that each letter makes and then complete interactive games and exercises to practice their newfound skills.

Early Reading Trio: Students start by building words with letters and sounds. Then, they read stories from the words they've built. And last, the students write their own stories with the words they've just used and add their own pictures! In each step of the trio students see, hear, and interact with letters and words, allowing ample practice to strengthen their reading and phonics skills.

Phonics and Spelling Rules: MobyMax Phonics and Spelling Rules focus on key skills such as phonological and phonemic awareness, decoding, segmenting, blending, syllabication, spelling patterns, and more. Mastering these skills will lay a solid foundation for future reading success.