MobyMax Families is for parents using MobyMax at home with their kiddos not attached to a school.

First, register for yourself a parent account. If you already have a parent account, skip to the next step. The first step will be to register yourself.  Here's how:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the information in the "Start using MobyMax now FREE" box. Be sure to select the button that says "For Families."

Once you do this, you should be brought immediately to a screen to register your students. Fill in their first name, password, and grade level. Then hit "Save." If you choose not to do this now and want to come back, proceed to the next steps.

To sign in to your family account as the parent, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the URL you created for your family. It should be"your family username here"
  2. Select “Parent.”
  3. Enter your password and click “Sign in."

If you haven't added your kiddos' accounts yet, you will be brought to the "Let's get started" section on your home screen. If you have added a student account, but need to add another, click on "Moby Subscription" in the left sidebar to register more.

Now it’s time to get your students signed in! Using your custom family URL that you created, students should: 

  1. Select their name.
  2. Enter their password.
  3. Click “Sign in.”

So what happens next?
The first time your student signs in to MobyMax, they can get started immediately by clicking on a subject button. Some subjects start students with an adaptive placement test (Math, Language, Foundational Reading, Fact Fluency, and Vocabulary). If you aren’t sure which subject to have your students start with, we suggest trying one of these!

Once the placement test is completed, the student’s lessons will be automatically assigned based on their missing skills. Other subjects will start students at their registered grade level, but teachers can always adjust this level by changing settings or assigning lessons as they see fit.

You can see your students’ progress when you log into your parent account under your family URL and you click the subject area button (i.e., "Math," Language," etc.) on the home panel. We recommend that students consistently use MobyMax an hour each week in the subjects in which you would like to see progress.