MobyMax’s adaptive placement tests in Math, Language, and Foundational Reading will begin with the easiest question from the grade level just below a student’s registered grade level (Kindergarten begins at level K). Please note, while a placement test is in progress it will show as grade level “K” until it is completed and has a final grade level score.

To quickly find missing skills from the common core or state standards in grades K through 8th, we employ many strategies. For example, we present "key" problems from each common core domain area that represent the most difficult skills in that domain. If a student fails these key problems, we present problems for each of the standards in the domain. The test adapts to how students answer, either moving them to lower grade level skills if they struggle or testing them on progressively more difficult material. The placement test will automatically end
 when a student falls below 60% correct of the standards in a grade level.