MobyMax Tests are customizable grade level, standard, and skill tests. You can find these by going to the "Test" button in a particular subject (i.e. Math or Language). You can use these tests to assess students' mastery of specific concepts periodically throughout the year. MobyMax Tests are different from placement tests. These are non-adaptive tests that teachers can tailor to particular grades, standards, or skills. Because they focus on less material, these tests tend to be shorter in length. How do I assign a MobyMax test?

Placement tests are adaptive, formative assessments intended to identify a student's skill gaps. Because placement tests are adaptive, it's unlikely that a student will take the same test twice. We have automatic placement tests in Math, Language, Fact Fluency, Vocabulary, and Foundational Reading. Placement tests can also be assigned throughout the year and will affect progress monitoring data. How do I assign a new placement test in Math, Language, or Foundational Reading?

Benchmarkers are meant to be taken infrequently, as these assessments are typically longer. They are summative and determine how much a student has learned over the entire course. These tests cover all standards on one specific grade level. How do I assign a Benchmarker?

Finally, our Skill Checker can be taken more frequently. These are formative so teachers can see how students are learning throughout the course. These tests are customizable so students can be tested over particular or individual skills. How do I assign a Skill Checker test?