MobyMax provides a variety of tests and assessments to cater to the unique needs of each classroom. These include comprehensive summative Benchmarker assessments as well as our powerful adaptive placement tests. To assign a test to your students, simply click on the corresponding link below and follow the instructions:

MobyMax Tests offer customizable grade-level, standard, and skill tests that can be accessed by clicking on the "Test" button within a specific subject module (such as Math or Language). These tests can be used by teachers to periodically assess students' understanding of specific concepts throughout the year. Unlike placement tests, MobyMax Tests are non-adaptive and can be customized to specific grade levels, standards, or skills. As a result, these tests tend to be shorter in length. It is important to note that MobyMax tests are only available in Classic Moby. 

Placement Tests are designed to identify skill gaps in students and are adaptive formative assessments. Since these tests are adaptive, it is unlikely that students will take the same test twice. MobyMax offers automatic placement tests in Mathematics, Language, Fact Fluency, Vocabulary, and Foundational Reading modules. Teachers can also assign placement tests anytime throughout the year, and the results will impact the progress monitoring data. 

Benchmarkers are a summative assessment tool designed to be taken sparingly as they are usually lengthier assessments. They are summative evaluations that determine how much a student has learned throughout the entire course. These tests cover all the standards in a specific grade level.

Skill Checker is a formative assessment tool that can be taken more frequently than Benchmarkers. Teachers can use it to gauge students' learning progress throughout the course. Unlike Benchmarkers, Skill Checker tests are customizable, and teachers can assign them to test specific or individual skills.

Quizzes offer an exciting alternative among the many tests and assessments available to teachers. These quizzes can be assigned to students and enable teachers to select skills from the MobyMax curriculum or incorporate skills developed by teachers in your school, district, or state. Additionally, teachers can create their own custom skills for their quizzes. This option is currently only available for teachers using the New version of MobyMax, teachers utilizing the Classic version can still access our helpful MobyMax Tests.