The Phonics Blending and Phonics Spelling modules in MobyMax are designed to cater to a wide range of students, from young children as old as three or four to older students throughout the elementary grade levels who need additional support and practice. The modules cover key phonics skills such as phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondence, grapheme-sound correspondence, blending, segmenting, and spelling patterns. The step-by-step approach makes it easy for students to follow along and build on their understanding of these skills.

For younger students, these modules provide an engaging and interactive way to learn phonics skills. The colorful graphics, sounds, and animations help to keep young learners motivated and interested in the content. Additionally, the modules provide a solid foundation for phonics skills that will be built upon as students progress through their education.

For older students who may need additional support with phonics skills, these modules offer a way to review and practice these skills in a structured and focused way. With MobyMax's adaptive learning technology, students receive personalized instruction and practice, focusing on the areas they need the most help with. This means that older students can work on the skills they need to improve on, without wasting time on skills they have already mastered.

Overall, Phonics Blending and Phonics Spelling are versatile modules that can be used by a wide range of students, making them an excellent addition to any phonics instruction program.