1. After signing in to your teacher account, click “Assessments"
  2. Choose the subject where you assigned the assessment (in either Skill Checker or Benchmarker).
  3. Click "Results."
  4. Click "Tests."
  5. Sort by the grade level drop-down menu.
  6. Check the checkbox next to the assessment you wish to reassign.
  7. Click the “Reassign Test" button, and follow the menu to complete reassigning. 

  1. Sign in to your teacher account, and click the "Assignments" link under “Quick Access”.
  2. Select the assessment type from the “Assignment Type” drop-down menu.
  3. Select the radio button next to the assessment.
  4. Click the “Reassign or duplicate” button.
  5. Check the boxes for the student(s) you wish to assign the assessment to. The topmost checkbox will select all of your students.
  6. Enter a name, start date, or end date (optional), if it is to show on the student's "Assignments" tab, and where in the assignments list it should go (top or bottom).
  7. Click “Assign.”