MobyMax offers a range of license options that provide access to its differentiated learning features, assessments, interactive class features, and more.

Schools can purchase a license that covers an unlimited number of students and teachers at a single school location with one principal. This license provides access to all of MobyMax's features and tools, including progress monitoring, placement tests, classroom tools, and student motivation.

Districts can purchase a license that covers an unlimited number of students and teachers across multiple school locations within the district. This license provides the same access to MobyMax's features and tools as the school license, but with the added benefit of being able to manage and monitor usage across multiple schools.

In addition to these license options, MobyMax also offers flexible per-student licenses that can be assigned directly to student accounts. These licenses follow students if they are shared with multiple teachers and can be purchased at an individual school level or at the district level for district-wide usage.

MobyMax's range of license options provides schools and districts with flexible and customizable access to its award-winning curriculum. Whether schools and districts need to provide access to a small group of students or to an entire district, MobyMax has a license option that can meet their needs.

Note: All non-traditional schools, including but not limited to after-school programs, online schools, virtual schools, adult education programs, and international schools require a per-student license.