MobyMax invests directly in the success of your classroom by offering class rewards to help motivate your students and make learning exciting!

To earn a class reward, teachers and students will have to work together. Teachers need to watch five two-minute professional development videos, and students need to earn 20,000 points as a class by answering questions in their student accounts. 

When you earn a class reward, we’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card that you can spend on whatever you and your students will enjoy most. Some ideas include cookie parties, popcorn parties, slime parties, and glow stick parties—whatever you think your students will love!

To start earning class rewards, just click the “get started” button on the class rewards banner on the Moby Central home page in your teacher account. Once you begin a class reward, you’ll be able to see teacher and student progress meters on your home page, so you always know how close you are to earning a reward. Students can also see a progress meter in their student accounts to keep them motivated. Once you start a class reward, it will expire in 60 days, so be sure to get your students started right away!

Teachers can earn up to two rewards each as long as your school’s bank of class rewards has not been used up.