Below are the current integrations that we offer for automatic rostering, account provisioning, and single sign-on. Don’t use any of these? That's OK! Moby has a very simple import process for registering all of your students at once.

Teachers with Edmodo accounts can create a Moby account for themselves by adding the Moby app to their library. This allows users who currently use Edmodo to quickly and easily integrate with MobyMax in just a few easy steps.

Schools and districts who use Clever can sync with Moby for automatic rostering and single-sign on. The initial sync requires setup by the MobyMax staff, so please contact Moby support if you are interested in rostering Moby using Clever. 

To learn more about integrating MobyMax with Clever, click here.

Moby district administrators can upload .csv files to our Moby FTP server to import students. Admins can create the files in OneRoster format or use our simplified Moby format. You can find templates in the AutoRoster button in your Moby district admin account.

If desired, you can automate futher automate this process by setting up a periodic automatic upload from your SIS to our FTP server. To set up access to the FTP server, district admins can log into their Moby accounts and click the Auto Roster button.

Schools and districts who use ClassLink can use ClassLink to create Moby accounts and sign into Moby Accounts. 

To learn more about integrating MobyMax with ClassLink, click here

OneRoster API Sync

District administrators can also set up a connection between MobyMax and the OneRoster server directly. When this is done, MobyMax will pull roster data directly from the OneRoster server nightly and will add, delete, and update student and teacher MobyMax accounts.

To set up a direct OneRoster API sync, please contact Moby Support at


Teachers and students who use Schoology can sign into Moby accounts or create Moby accounts through Schoology. Schoology administrators first need to establish groups for their students and teachers so that data can accurately be populated in MobyMax.

To learn more about integrating MobyMax with Schoology, click here.