MobyMax offers full automatic rostering and single sign-on for schools and districts that use Clever. This integration is available to those who are covered under a school or district MobyMax license. We are also able to integrate schools that have 100 or more MobyMax student licenses.

Requesting MobyMax in Clever
To get started using Clever with MobyMax, you (the district Clever administrator) need to request the MobyMax app in Clever. The Clever support team has put together a terrific help article on how to request apps. Once you have requested the MobyMax app, one of our Clever integration experts will follow up with you via email. 

If your school or district is new to Moby or you just want to start the year with clean data and accounts, we can have Clever populate new accounts for your teaching staff, administrators, and students. We can also go through the matching process to match existing Clever accounts with existing MobyMax accounts. This may require some MobyMax roster maintenance on your end to get the best matches possible; our integration expert will discuss the next steps with you.

We do recommend that you set up filters in Clever after we have accepted the request to filter out any teachers or staff that will not be using MobyMax with students.

Syncing and sign-in steps

Once the initial sync has been completed, your school(s) will be added to our nightly sync with Clever. This will keep your MobyMax rosters continuously up to date throughout the school year. We use the section data in Clever to place students with their teachers in MobyMax. Clever single sign-on (SSO) will also immediately be available to the students, teachers, and administrators that you're sharing with us in Clever. 

The sign-in process is simple once your school is syncing. You and your students can sign in to your Clever accounts and click the MobyMax app. Alternatively, you can visit our sign-in page and select the “Clever” link at the bottom of the page to sign in to your Clever account and be quickly redirected to your MobyMax account.

You can also contact Moby support and one of our integration experts can help with any questions you have about a new or existing Clever integration.

If your school or district uses Clever but is not currently set up to sync with Moby, you can still use Clever Library to allow your students to sign in to MobyMax through Clever.