MobyMax offers district administrators the capability to modify Student IDs within its system. This adjustment is helpful before initiating a sync with Clever or ClassLink data, as you can match existing student accounts in MobyMax with the corresponding accounts in these platforms.

What Fields Does MobyMax Use To Match Student Accounts?

  • Clever
    The "Student_Number" field from Clever is matched with the "Student ID" field in MobyMax.
  • ClassLink
    The "identifier" field from ClassLink is matched with the "Student ID" field in MobyMax.

What Fields Does MobyMax Use To Match Teacher and Administrator Accounts?

MobyMax streamlines the process of matching teachers and administrators. To align a teacher or administrator account with the ones listed in Clever or ClassLink, a straightforward criterion is established: the email address on MobyMax accounts must correspond with the email address listed in Clever or ClassLink for the respective user.

District administrators possess the capability to update teacher email addresses before initiating data syncing with MobyMax. This allows for the seamless matching of existing MobyMax accounts with the desired counterparts in Clever or ClassLink.

How Does The Matching Process Work?

During the initial data sync from Clever or ClassLink, MobyMax will attempt to associate the Student ID in MobyMax with the corresponding field provided by Clever or ClassLink. If a match is identified, the account is successfully linked. In cases where no match is detected, MobyMax will generate a new account utilizing the information available from Clever or ClassLink.

MobyMax District Administrators Can Update Student IDs By:

  1. Log in to your district admin account and click on the “Auto Roster” button.
  2. Select the “One Roster” tab and click on the “Export Student ID List” button.
  3. Download the spreadsheet which contains all students currently registered in MobyMax for your district. (You can sort by the school column on the spreadsheet to view students at a specific school.)
  4. Update only the “Unique Student ID” field on the spreadsheet to match the "Student_Number" field in Clever or the “Identifier” field in ClassLink.
  5. Once you have finished updating the IDs, return to the “Auto Roster” button and select the “One Roster” tab again.
  6. Click on the “Import Student ID list” button to import the updated file.

Note: MobyMax advises updating Student IDs and email addresses before initiating your sync request. Following the submission of a sync request in Clever or ClassLink, MobyMax promptly commences processing the request and syncing the data you are currently sharing.