MobyMax provides complete automatic rostering and single sign-on implementation for schools and districts using Clever. When implementing Clever with Moby, you can streamline the rostering and sign-in process for your students, teachers, and administrators that are shared with us in Clever. These are the steps to follow to implement your district's Clever data with MobyMax successfully:

Request The MobyMax App In Clever:

  1. Log into your Clever administrator dashboard and access the "Add Applications" page.
  2. Search for "MobyMax" in the search bar and select the "Request App" link.
  3. Select if you have purchased MobyMax and set a launch date for the integration.
  4. Click on the "Send Integration Request" button.
  5. MobyMax will accept your request and auto rostering with Clever will begin.

Note: Prior to submitting your sync request to MobyMax, we recommend updating Student IDs if you would like to match existing MobyMax student accounts with accounts in Clever.

The Clever team also provides this helpful article on how to request apps.

Syncing Data With MobyMax:
Once your request has been approved, you can immediately set up app filters. Once app filters have been applied, we'll initiate the initial sync with your Clever data. During this sync, student accounts will be matched if the "Student_Number" field in Clever aligns with the Student ID in MobyMax. In cases where no match is identified, a new student account will be generated.

For teachers, the process is simple - we will match based on the email address in Clever, ensuring it corresponds to the email address on the MobyMax account. If a match isn't detected, a new teacher account will be created.

Note: Students and teachers will need to be shared with at least one section in Clever to sync over to MobyMax. 

What Happens After the Sync?
Once the initial sync has been completed, your school(s) will be added to our nightly sync with Clever. The MobyMax team will launch your district in Clever and auto-rostering will occur each night. This will keep your MobyMax rosters continuously up-to-date throughout the school year. We use the section data in Clever to roster students with their teachers in MobyMax. Clever single sign-on (SSO) will also be immediately available to the students, teachers, and administrators that you're sharing with us in Clever.

The Sign-In Process:

New teachers and students will have a MobyMax account automatically created when they log in using Clever SSO for the first time. To access MobyMax through Clever, simply sign in to Clever and select the MobyMax button. If you are redirected to the MobyMax sign-in page, simply click the "Clever" button located at the bottom of the page, and you will be signed in to MobyMax.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions or need assistance with Clever integration for MobyMax. We will be happy to help you get started!