MobyMax uses a spreadsheet import to roll students over from their old classes to their new teachers at the beginning of each year. The rollover process requires each student to have a unique Student ID in Moby.

When importing students, you can list both existing and new students with their Student IDs.  When the Student ID on your import spreadsheet matches the Student ID for an existing student account, this activates rollover. You can edit the name, username, password, grade level, and teacher on the spreadsheet.  As long as the Student ID matches the existing student account in Moby, this will allow you to quickly update students when importing them.

Instead of starting the import spreadsheet from scratch, administrators can export a list of existing students from their account.  This spreadsheet can then be edited to reflect new student information.

To export an existing student from an administrator account:

  1. After signing in, click the "Students" button in your District Admin account.  If you're a school administrator, click the "School Admin" link in the left sidebar to find this button. 
  2. Click the "Import students" link. 
  3. Click the "Export Student List" button.

Your export spreadsheet will now be downloaded in the same format needed for import. You can edit the information and upload the completed spreadsheet by returning to the "Import students" menu and clicking the "Upload" button.