1. After signing in, click the "Students" button in your District Admin account.  If you're a school administrator, click the "School Admin" link in the left sidebar to find this button.
  2. Click the “Bulk Register Students” link.
  3. Choose Option 1 or 2, and click continue (Option 1 will automatically assign usernames and passwords, and Option 2 will allow you to enter your own usernames and passwords.)
  4. Manually enter or copy and paste names, student IDs, grade levels, usernames, and passwords. (You will only need to enter names and grade level if using Option 1.)
  5. Select a teacher or group from the fields at the bottom if desired.
  6. Click the “Register Students” button.

We recommend registering one teacher’s students at a time and selecting that teacher in step 5. If you register all students at once, you will have to transfer them to specific teacher’s accounts at a later time.