Before you import students, please make sure that all of the students' teachers have been registered with the correct school email address either by an administrator or at

To import students using a spreadsheet, simply follow these steps:

  1. After signing in, click the "Students" button in your District Admin account.  If you're a school administrator, click the "School Admin" link in the left sidebar to find this button. 
  2. Click the "Import" students link
  3. Click "Download Template" for a blank template or "Export Student List" to export your current students into a spreadsheet.
  4. Update your spreadsheet. You must fill out the fields for "Student First Name," "Student Last Name," "Student Grade Level," "Student Username," "Student Password," "Teacher's School Email Address," and "Unique Student ID."
  5. Click "Upload Spreadsheet."
  6. Click "Import."