MobyMax offers automatic rostering and single sign-on for schools and districts who use ClassLink. Only teachers with an active school or district license for MobyMax can sign into Moby with ClassLink. ClassLink utilizes the student information in OneRoster to maintain student, teacher, and admin accounts in MobyMax.

In order to get started, your ClassLink administrator will first need to grant MobyMax permission to access student data. ClassLink provides a terrific help article on how to grant permissions to apps.  Once those permissions have been granted, the administrator can contact Moby Support at so we can start syncing data into MobyMax.

For teachers and students who are already using Moby, ClassLink will automatically match with the existing Moby account the first time the teacher or student signs in using ClassLink. For teachers to match, the teacher email address in OneRoster needs to match the teacher username in MobyMax. For students to match, the Identifier in OneRoster needs to match the student ID in MobyMax. Make sure that all student IDs are entered and correct in Moby and that the Identifier is being shared from OneRoster before attempting to sign in via ClassLink.

For new teachers and students, a Moby account is automatically created when signing in for the first time.

To sign into MobyMax via ClassLink, sign into ClassLink and click the Moby app. If you are directed to our sign-in page, just click the “ClassLink” button at the bottom, and you’ll be signed into MobyMax.