Teachers who use Clever in their district but are not currently syncing with us can make use of Clever Library to connect with MobyMax. Clever Library automatically provisions student accounts and allows the teachers and students to use Clever single sign-on to access their MobyMax accounts. 

The primary difference when using Clever Library is that it is unable to connect with existing student accounts. When using Clever Library with MobyMax, students will be rostered with a new account that has no prior data. Clever Library is a great option when you’re either new to Moby or are starting a new school year and can delete your existing students from MobyMax.

Clever provides a terrific guide that will assist teachers in installing apps from within Clever Library. You can use the search bar inside of Clever Library to search for MobyMax and quickly install it. Once installed, you should sign in to your MobyMax teacher account using Clever single sign-on.