Teachers who utilize Clever in their school district, but are not currently syncing with our platform, can take advantage of Clever Library to establish a connection with MobyMax. Clever Library streamlines the creation of student accounts and enables teachers and pupils to access their MobyMax accounts using Clever single sign-on.

It is worth noting that Clever Library cannot link with pre-existing student accounts. Hence, students who use Clever Library with MobyMax will be enrolled in a new account with no previous data. Clever Library is an excellent choice for those who are new to Moby or beginning a new school year and need to delete their previous students from MobyMax.

Clever offers a comprehensive guide to help teachers install applications through Clever Library. By using the search function inside Clever Library, teachers can quickly locate MobyMax and install it. After installation, teachers should use Clever single sign-on to log in to their MobyMax teacher account.