When assigning a new adaptive placement test in Mathematics, Language, or Foundational Reading, teachers have two different options to choose from. The first option is to assign a full placement test that quickly evaluates a student's mastery of skills starting with one grade level below the student's registered grade level in MobyMax. The full placement test focuses on assessing areas where the student needs improvement. This approach ensures that the test provides a detailed evaluation of the student's knowledge without spending unnecessary time on topics the student has already mastered.

This option is recommended for students who are new to MobyMax or have not completed a placement test in that particular subject before.

The second option is to assign a test only missing standards placement test. This option is recommended for students who have already completed a placement test in the subject module and are only missing mastery of specific standards. This test is designed to cover only the standards that the student did not yet master in the previous placement test.

It is important to note that the "test only missing standards" placement test will vary from student to student as it covers the missing skills specific to each student's previous placement test. Teachers can view which standards a student has not yet mastered in the subject module's standards report.