In MobyMax, the Focus % is an important metric that reflects a student's level of engagement and attention during their work session. It indicates whether the student is staying on task or if their focus has drifted. The Focus % is calculated by dividing the number of problems answered in under two minutes by the total number of problems attempted by the student.

For example, if a student attempted 20 problems and answered 15 of them within two minutes, their Focus % would be 75%. This shows that the student was able to stay focused and complete a majority of the problems within the recommended time limit.

Conversely, if a student is taking much longer than two minutes to answer each problem, this will be reflected in their Focus %. For instance, a student who spends a lot of time daydreaming and only actually spends 10 minutes working on problems during a 30-minute session would have a low Focus % of 25%. This indicates that the student's focus has drifted and they may need additional support or guidance to stay on task.

The Focus % remains unchanged even if the teacher modifies the student's idle time. It reflects only the percentage of problems answered in under two minutes divided by the total number of problems, and is an indicator of the student's focus and concentration during MobyMax sessions. Teachers can use the Focus % to gain insights into a student's learning progress and identify areas where they may need additional support or intervention.