In the event that a student fails to pass a skill based on the passing percentage, MobyMax will automatically offer the student another variation of the same skill. This approach ensures that students receive ample opportunities to learn and improve their understanding of the skill.

However, if a student continues to fail between two to four variations in a row (the exact number varies based on the skill and subject), MobyMax will post the score for that skill. It is then up to the teacher to decide whether or not to reassign the failed skill to the student. This way, the teacher has the final say on whether or not the student needs to re-engage with the skill or move on to the next one.

It is worth noting that MobyMax will not reassign skills to a student who has completed all variations of the skill. In such cases, teachers can choose to assign additional practice for the student to revisit the skill or move on to a new one that they have assigned. By using this feature, teachers can create a customized learning experience for their students and ensure that each student receives the appropriate level of support and attention.