Paired Reading Stories is a reading comprehension module designed to help students improve their reading skills. Students are presented with fiction and nonfiction texts at their grade level and are required to answer questions that cover all grade-level standards. Unlike other modules, Paired Reading Stories does not include lessons or targeted instruction. Instead, this module offers read aloud sounds for stories, questions, and answers through 5th grade.

Reading Skills Literature and Informational modules are tailored to provide students with targeted lessons and practice on specific reading skills. Through the "Teach Me" lessons and skill-based activities, students are introduced to grade-appropriate reading skills. To ensure a focused approach, most texts in this module are intentionally brief. It's worth noting that while both modules work similarly, they differ in the types of texts used. Reading Skills Literature employs literary sources while Informational draws from articles and other informational texts. Additionally, the modules only offer read-aloud support for questions and answers, not for passages.

Foundational Reading is designed for students in grades K-5 and begins with a placement test to determine the student's reading level. This module focuses on key skills aligned with Common Core Foundational Reading standards, such as phonological and phonemic awareness, decoding, segmenting, blending, syllabication, and more. It aims to jumpstart a student's reading ability and provide a strong foundation for future reading skills.

Reading Level Test can assist you in determining your student's reading level. It evaluates comprehension through reading selections and 5 accompanying questions. Based on the student's responses, the assessment may continue, adjust to a lower level for further testing, or end. Please note that this assessment is not intended as a placement test and does not carry over to other reading modules. Its purpose is to provide an idea of the grade level at which a student is reading.