MobyMax Badges are a fun and exciting way to reward your students' hard work. Not only do they get a visual representation of their accomplishments, but they also get to learn about animals, constellations, and mythological creatures as they collect different themed badges. With over 500 different space, animal, history, and mythology-themed badges to collect, your students will love seeing their badge collections grow. From the Saturns badge to the Tapir Badge to the Niagara Falls badge, there's a badge for everyone!

Students will earn awesome badges for every 50 problems they answer correctly on skills that they pass in all subjects except "Reading Level Assessment" and "Writing Assignments." It is important to note that students will not earn a badge point if they only answer a few questions correctly, but fail the overall skill. So, encourage your students to work hard and aim for those skills that they pass! Teachers can easily adjust the point requirement for students to earn new Badges and also award students with additional Badges for a job well done.