While MobyMax doesn't have a specific Spanish curriculum, this is definitely something that is on our radar! Google Chrome users can utilize the "Page Translate" feature built into the Chrome browser. This allows you to translate the text on each page as students work in Moby.

To translate a page in the Google Chrome browser:

  1. Open MobyMax in Google Chrome.
  2. Have your students sign in as they usually would.
  3. Right-click on the screen, and select the "Translate to English" option.
  4. Click the stoplight icon (the 3 vertical dots) next to "English."
  5. Select "Choose another language."
  6. Choose "Spanish" or another language from the list.

You will now see the curriculum in the language you chose. Keep in mind that this may be an imperfect translation and that our voices will still read the page in English when using this feature.

We also offer a variety of subjects, such as Alphabet Letters, Phonics Spelling, Alphabet SoundsPhonics and Spelling Rules, Early Reading Trio, and Foundational Reading, that can help students begin to learn English.