MobyMax Contests provide an exciting way to engage students and foster healthy competition in the classroom. With the ability to create unlimited contests for one-day sprints or even for the entire quarter, teachers can use this feature to motivate and challenge their students. Contests can be created that are based on points, or the option for time can also be selected.

Currently, MobyMax offers two types of contests that teachers can initiate. "My School" contests are competitions between all MobyMax classrooms in a school. Teachers can also create "My Classroom" contests for their individual classrooms to tailor the competition to the unique needs and abilities of their students. Once a contest has started, teachers can easily review the results at any time.

For classrooms with students of varying skill levels, adjusting the weights of contest points earned can help level the playing field. This means that even if a student takes longer on a certain lesson than their classmates, they won't be penalized for needing extra time. MobyMax Contests are flexible and allow teachers to weight contest points for any student they need.

Through MobyMax Contests, teachers can motivate their students to achieve their academic goals while building a positive classroom culture. This feature is just one of the many ways MobyMax supports student success and teacher effectiveness.