If there is reason to believe that the timers for your students are not working properly, it is recommended that you take a few steps to investigate the issue. Firstly, it is suggested that you supervise a session to ensure that the students are using the program correctly. Note the start and stop times of the session and the subjects and lessons that the students are working on. Make sure to periodically check throughout the session to ensure that the program is functioning correctly.

If you find a discrepancy between what you recorded and what appears on your teacher dashboard, please provide the following information to the MobyMax Support Team to enable further investigation:

  • A list of any student(s) who are experiencing the time issue.
  • The date and time of the session.
  • The subjects that the student worked on.
  • Any particular lesson or skill names that the student completed.
  • A detailed description of the discrepancy you observed

Please be advised that time spent on Writing Assignments, Messenger, Announcements and Tasks, Games, and Badges will not be individually recorded as time spent on our platform, rather this time will be collectively recorded as "Other." Additionally, if a student spends more than two minutes on a question, the program will no longer count this time as part of their total time spent, as it is assumed that the student may have lost focus at this point.

We believe that this approach helps to provide a more accurate representation of a student's actual learning time on MobyMax. If you have any questions or concerns about how time spent is calculated on our platform, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team for further assistance.