If you suspect that your student's timers aren't working properly, we recommend supervising a session to ensure students are using the program correctly. Take note of the time students begin working on lessons and the time they stop. Also, take note of the subjects that they worked on and any particular lessons or skills they completed. Check back frequently throughout the student's sessions to make sure that the program appears to be working properly.

If you notice a discrepancy between what you record and what appears on your teacher dashboard, send the following information along to the MobyMax Support Team so we can investigate further:

  • Student name
  • Subject
  • Lesson or Skill

Please note that time spent on Writing Assignments, Messenger, Announcements and Tasks, Games, and Badges are not recorded as "time spent." Also, any time spent on a question that exceeds two minutes will not be counted (at this point, the program assumes that the student has lost their focus).