MobyMax can import student MAP Growth results from NWEA and use those to inform a student's learning path in MobyMax. Importing these results will allow students to begin in the MobyMax Mathematics and Language modules and immediately begin working on skills without having to take a placement test.

How does my district get started with importing MAP results to MobyMax?

First, we work with a school or district administrator to complete the integration. Once we've made the connection, the students will bypass the placement test and their 
MAP scores will determine which MobyMax skills should be automatically assigned.

Click here for teacher instructions on how to select MAP settings in MobyMax for your students.

How do the results of the MAP Growth test translate to standard mastery in MobyMax?

MobyMax utilizes the Mathematics and Language Student Achievement Norms from NWEA to show mastery of standards in different InstructionalArea domains. The score for each of these InstructionalAreas is used to assign skills to the student based on their mastery of those InstructionalAreas.

Note: The Student Achievement Norm scores for each grade level do change for the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons.