MobyMax allows your school or district to integrate MAP Growth assessment data from NWEA to set a starting point in the Moby Math and Language subject modules. If your school or district takes the NWEA MAP Growth tests and would like to integrate them into MobyMax, the first step is to share data with us from within the NWEA administrator account

Here's how our integration process works: 

  1. Your school or district shares MAP test results with us in NWEA. 
  2. We get an email alert that you have shared data with us. 
  3. We check your rosters to make sure that we can match students in MobyMax with students in NWEA. In order to match, a student's Student ID in MobyMax must match the "Student ID" in NWEA. At that point, a Moby integrations expert will reach out to you to discuss whether rosters need to be updated. 
  4. Once rosters are prepared, we connect MobyMax and your district's data in our system. 

We recommend sharing only data in NWEA for schools where you want MAP results synced to. MobyMax. If data is shared for your entire district, our sync will look for matches on any shared students and sync results 

How does MobyMax use MAP Growth results?

Our sync with MAP test scores is intended to use those results to inform a student's learning path in MobyMax. Students will not need to take a placement test in these subject modules but rather the MAP Growth results will be used to set the starting point if the student has not previously worked in the subject.

Once we have synced the results with your students, they are able to sign in and select the "Mathematics" or "Language" button in their account to start learning with skills set by their NWEA MAP results. We currently support the following NWEA MAP Growth results:

  • MAP Growth: Language
  • MAP Growth: Math

Please note: If a student has already started working in Moby Math or Language and we sync MAP Growth results to the student, they will not automatically be restarted in the subject module. Teachers can restart their students in Moby Math or Language if this happens so that the students can begin with those MAP results setting the starting point for them.

Does MobyMax sync new MAP Growth results automatically?

Our sync with NWEA was designed to set the starting point in our Moby Math and Language modules using results from the MAP Growth tests. We recommend integrating your NWEA MAP results with us at the beginning of each year to avoid the need to restart any students after they have progress data.

It is possible to sync new MAP Growth results later in the year, but it will require restarting students in Moby Math or Language so that the sync can set a new starting point for them. This means the existing progress data would be reset so that the new baseline can be created.

You can also contact Moby support if you need to verify a test for your state is supported, or for any questions relating to integrating MAP Growth results.