If your school or district takes NWEA MAP tests and would like to integrate them into MobyMax, the first step is to share data with us from within the NWEA administrator account. Here's how it works: 

  1. Your school or district shares MAP test results with us in NWEA. 
  2. We get an email alert that you have shared data with us. 
  3. We check your rosters to make sure that we can match students in MobyMax with students in NWEA. In order to match, a student's Student ID in MobyMax must match the "Student ID" in NWEA. At that point, a member of the Moby integrations team will reach out to you to discuss whether rosters need to be updated. 
  4. Once rosters are prepared, we connect MobyMax and your district's data in our system. 
  5. Teachers can update their students' settings to utilize the MAP scores. Here's how that works

Please note that this integration is district-wide and we sync results to any accounts that you share with us in NWEA. We are able to sync results for the NWEA MAP Growth: Math and NWEA MAP Growth: Language tests at this time. Our integration with NWEA is meant to only set the starting point in our Math and Language subjects.