Did you know that a "Student ID" is more than just a random number? Student IDs help with rolling over student data from year to year and help maintain historic data as students use MobyMax and move to new schools in your district. It is highly recommended that you prioritize the addition of Student IDs for your students.

Student IDs are a super valuable tool that can benefit you and your school in many ways! Teachers can easily update this for their students and administrators can also update IDs via the "Students" menu on their administrator dashboard.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a Student ID:

  • Helps Keep Prior Year Data: When you add a Student ID, this will be especially helpful at the start of each school year if your schools plan to roll over student data from the prior year and retain the historic data for students.

  • Auto Rostering: If your district is seeking to connect MobyMax to Clever or ClassLink and retain existing student accounts, Student IDs play a vital role in matching accounts from these platforms.

  • Reduces Duplicate Accounts: By using a unique Student ID, you can reduce the number of duplicate accounts at your school. This helps keep your records organized and makes it easier to manage student data.

When choosing a Student ID format, it’s important to ensure that it is unique and consistent. While you don't have to use an official number (such as a lunch number), it's a good idea to check with your admin to see if there is a preferred format to use. You can use a combination of numbers and letters, but avoid using common Student IDs such as "123" or "abc". Instead, think of something unique that others are unlikely to use for their students.