When you're taking screenshots for Moby tech support, it's key to capture all the info that'll help us understand what's going on. A good screenshot can really help our team pinpoint any issues you might be experiencing with MobyMax. Remember, every detail on the screen counts, so aim to capture the whole screen, including:

  • Minimize Unnecessary Windows: Close or minimize unrelated windows to focus on the issue.
  • Open the browser console: Opening the browser console in your browser will display any browser errors on the current page you're working on. These messages can be a big help in investigating your issue.
    • Google Chrome: Press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + Option + J (Mac).
    • Mozilla Firefox: Press Ctrl + Shift + K (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + Option + K (Mac).
    • Microsoft Edge: Press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + Option + J (Mac).
    • Safari:
      1. Go to Safari Preferences.
      2. Click on the Advanced tab.
      3. Check the box next to "Show Develop menu in menu bar."
      4. Close Preferences.
      5. Go to the Develop menu and select "Show Error Console."
  • Include Error Messages: Capture any error messages or pop-ups related to the issue.
  • The URL: The URL bar at the top of any browser page can be a huge help when submitting screenshots. This lets our team exactly where you are in MobyMax when experiencing an issue.
  • Include Date and Timestamp: Ensure the date and time are visible, such as from the taskbar clock.
  • Provide Additional Information: Accompany screenshots with relevant details like the date, time, user logged in, and any actions taken before the issue occurred.

We've compiled a list of links covering a range of browsers and devices to assist you in capturing a screenshot:

It's important to take screenshots on the device experiencing the issue. If you're emailing or chatting from a different device, that's completely fine! You can always email the image from a student device to yourself and/or to support@mobymax.com and we can find that to attach to your chat or ticket.