Every year on August 1st, MobyMax conducts an annual data archive that marks the transition from the current academic year to the new school year. Students signing in after August 1st will automatically receive a placement test in Math, Language, and Foundational Reading to accurately determine a starting point for the new school year. All other subjects will start at your students' rostered grade level or where they left off last year, whichever is higher. 

When teachers sign in to their MobyMax accounts after August 1st, they will see the following blue box at the top of their screen.

Selecting the "Review Suggestions" button will provide teachers with helpful links on starting the new school year with their students. When selecting a link from this menu, you be navigated to the correct location in MobyMax to perform the task. We've also included some of the same helpful links that you will see in your MobyMax account below:

Managing your student roster

Adjust settings

Get your students logged in

Should I restart my students in MobyMax subject modules?
MobyMax provides the option for teachers to restart their students in subject modules for the entire class, or individual students. Restarting a student will clear out their current progress and allow them to start fresh with no prior data in a subject.

Because restarting will clear out any current progress for a student, we recommend using this only for subjects that you would like to completely clear current data from and allow the student to start from scratch.

Students who worked in MobyMax during the month of July
If your students completed any work in their MobyMax accounts during the month of July, they will continue with their progress and will not start anew. If your state standards were updated for the new school year, your students will restart in the subject despite any activity in July.